Thu 30 Jul 2015

Pharmacy Voice launches practice-based audit on the non-supply of products

Pharmacy Voice is encouraging all community pharmacists to take part in a practice-based audit on the non-supply of products to patients seeking ‘self care’ 


The audit, which is available to all AIMp, CCA and NPA members, will investigate the reasons for the non-supply of over-the-counter (OTC) medicine(s) that a patient has requested.

Community pharmacy teams are encouraged to take part in the audit over any one week period between 1st August and 30th November 2015.  This audit is being undertaken by a range of community pharmacies from Pharmacy Voice as a mechanism to build strong data about the important role that pharmacy teams play in contributing to patient care.

Each year pharmacy contractors must perform a practice-based audit as part of the contractual requirements of the NHS Pharmacy Contract.  Practice-based audits can be used to gain data about what is happening in the pharmacy as a prompt for working with other healthcare professionals to improve safety, quality and the whole patient experience.

Rob Darracott, chief executive of Pharmacy Voice commented: “Pharmacy Voice recognises that there is a great deal of care and guidance offered by pharmacy teams which results in non-supply of products. We hope that this audit will provide greater insight into these situations so we can gain a more complete picture of pharmacy teams’ interactions with patients. The audit aims to provide quantified data to identify where cost of products may be a barrier, where the pharmacy team have signposted on to other health services or simply where the pharmacy team, as qualified healthcare professionals, have been able to offer non-product related advice.”

Resources for the audit include a two-page guidance document, which includes instructions for pharmacy teams, and data collection sheets. 

In order to collect data as part of the audit, a ‘tally sheet’ and ‘summary sheet’ have been drawn up and these are now available to download in two different formats.  The Microsoft Word format is best for printing and completing by hand for pharmacy teams.  Alternatively, teams can complete either the Word or the Microsoft Excel format on a computer and then send this directly to at the end of the audit week as an attachment to an email. 

Individual companies should decide how they would like their pharmacy team(s) to participate in the audit and how they would like them to share their data with Pharmacy Voice.

For larger companies, it is likely that branches will collect data and then share this with a specified Company Lead who will collate all of the responses into one ‘summary sheet’ and send it to Pharmacy Voice.  Alternatively ‘summary sheets’ can come in directly from individual branches if that is what a company would prefer for their pharmacy teams to do.

The guidance has been left in Word format so that companies can edit this to reflect decisions on the above.